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La Plata Studio

Margarita Chain

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Behold our exquisite handmade chain, a labor of love where each link is meticulously cut and shaped by skilled hands, ensuring a unique and unparalleled masterpiece.

Draped in the beauty of individuality, our long chain is a canvas for your imagination to run wild. Versatile and enchanting, it invites you to explore countless ways to wear and adorn yourself.

What sets this chain apart is the artist's playful touch. Half of the chain emerges darker than the other, a subtle yet impactful deviation that adds a dynamic dimension to its aesthetic. This intentional asymmetry adds an element of intrigue and individuality, ensuring that each piece is truly unique.


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Materials/ Finish: Recycled Sterling Silver / Oxidised, Matte Finish.

Size:  94cm long.

Hallmarked by the Assay office in London.

La Plata studio is committed to make bespoke jewellery in the best sustainable way possible, making small batches and using 100% of our supplies, to find out more about our values, click here.

Last but not least find out here how to look after your jewellery.