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La Plata Studio

Spinner Rings

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Spinner ring, also known as a fidget ring.

The outer band is designed to spin around the inner band, which stays stationary on the finger. This movement provides a tactile and visual element that many people find soothing and relaxing, making spinner rings popular for stress relief and anxiety management.

Because wide band require extra room to fit your finger we recommended ordering a size larger than your usual ring size. 

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Materials/ Finish: Recycled Sterling Silver / Satin Finish.

Size: 1cm tall. 

Hallmarked by the Assay office in London.

La Plata studio is committed to make bespoke jewellery in the best sustainable way possible, making small batches and using 100% of our supplies, to find out more about our values, click here.

Last but not least find out here how to look after your jewellery.